Meet Our Team

Our friendly, dedicated, and energetic team is committed to working with you and

your family to create a positive experience every time you visit our practice.  

We welcome you with warm smiles to our practice!

photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Willis

Smyrna Office Manager

Hi there! I make sure that everything runs smoothly in both our offices. My highest priority is our patients' comfort and satisfaction. The best part of my job is getting to know patients and discovering what we can improve to make their orthodontic experience even better!  I am known as THE BOSS to everyone even the doctors.  They empower me to do the best job that I can do and that makes working here very nice. I do make my bark worse than my bite because I am the shortest of the bunch and have to make sure they hear me all the way down here!  Sometimes short people get no respect!  I spend precious time with my hubby, children, grandkids and dogs and I love it! 

Vickie Hackett

Marietta Office Manager

  (Bio and Photo Coming Soon!)

Dana Weathington

Smyrna Patient Coordinator

(Bio and Photo Coming Soon!)


Sophia Loyd

Marietta Patient Coordinator

Hey Y'all!  I am known as "smiling faces" ...I smile because it is easy!  I also hold the position of the patient coordinator at the Marietta office.  So if you need me, pick up the phone and I will make sure I take care of you with a smile.  I initially started working with BE Orthodontics as an orthodontic assistant, took a little hiatus from dentistry and was hired in my current permanent position in 2012.  I am in my element because I can greet and smile all day whether it is on the phone or a patient coming through the door.  Working with the doctors and staff is very easy for me because it is like being with family.  You would think I get tired of smiling and laughing, but I never do!  I spend alot of my time with my family and hubby, Linwood, relaxing, exercising and participating in church events.

Tracie Tucker

Smyrna Patient Coordinator

(Bio and Photo Coming Soon!)


photo of Kimberly

Kimberly Ware

Orthodontic Assistant

Hello, I am an orthodontic assistant, and I have been working in our practice since 2005. I help our doctors position braces and bands, deliver removable and fixed appliances, collect full diagnostic records, take Invisalign records, monitor daily lab activities, and other clinical duties. I have been in the dental field since 1997, and truly love helping people get the smiles of their dreams!  When I am not in the office, I love spending time with my husband and daughter.


Brandon "Sky" Darden

Orthodontic Assistant

Sky...that's me! I am the ONLY testosterone in the bunch and I like it that way!  I have been with BE Orthodontics since 2008 and I love my job as an orthodontic assistant because it is challenging.  I love my job as the office comedian because I have a gift of making people laugh even when they do not feel like it.  A smile is contagious and it makes me feel good to make a kid or adult who is nervous laugh and feel comfortable.  I tend to get in trouble alot, but all I have to do is make the doctors laugh and I am forgiven (most of the time).  My colleagues and the doctors provide a great working environment because they do care and have the drive to help everyone.  Believe it or not, sometimes they make me laugh.  I enjoy spending time with my daughter Nykia, playing basketball and playing music.

photo of Lisa

Lisa Gentry

Orthodontic Assistant

As an orthodontic assistant, my duties include taking X-rays, adjusting retainers, ordering inventory, and patient checkout and scheduling and much more.  I have been part of our wonderful team since 2001, and love taking the time to gain our patients' trust. I am known around the office as an awesome encyclopedia of stuff people never think about.  Yes, they laugh when I come up with an answer for some questions that are asked of me, but I know they respect me as a resource because they keep coming back. I am also known as Ms. Hospitality.  Some of our patients are nervous coming in for the first time, and I enjoy chatting with them and making sure they are comfortable. However, my ultimate call in life is to save EVERY living creature there is.  I have been known to pick up a hurt bird, a hit dog and I will probably nurse a spider back to health. But to keep this a secret because the doctors will kill me!  After work, you can usually find me playing baseball with my husband and son.

photo of Sheila

Sheila Jones

Orthodontic Assistant

I have been an orthodontic assistant in our office since 2004, and have been in the dental field since 2000. My duties include working with our doctors to provide patient care, taking X-rays, labwork, and patient checkout and scheduling. I love working with our patients one-on-one, getting to know them and hearing about their lives and families. Mama Sheila as I am referred to at times...I am the serious one of the bunch.  But that is all an act.  I just want them to think that...gotta always be ahead of the game.  I do have a smile for everyone as well as a laugh. When I do smile, watch out because you are bound to be blinded by the smile.  Outside of working,  I have a passion for baking especially for small events  like churches, schools and even my kids at work (oh I meant my colleagues at work).  When I am not baking, I am bowling or playing games on my iPad. 

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